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When OSHA Calls is an excellent presentation as to what happens during OSHA Inspections, what an employer can do to be ready for one, how to deal with inspectors while they are at your workplace, and what happens after they leave.

This DVD features OSHA law expert Robert D. Moran, Esq. who informs you about how to protect your business from an OSHA inspection. He gives you expert legal tips on what to do “When OSHA Calls”.


This DVD is filled with time-proven advice and real-world examples. It explains how companies are chosen for inspection, whether or not to permit warrantless inspections, and your rights during an OSHA inspection.


Don’t wait to be cited by OSHA, know your legal rights “When OSHA Calls”!

Is your company ready? 


Can you afford to pay thousands of dollars in fines?

When OSHA Calls DVD

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