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As OSHA problems continue to become more expensive, and the consequences of non-compliance more severe, businesses are put at great risk. Luckily there is a reference every employer can use. It’s called THE SAFETY OFFICE.


This is a must-have for any business that needs to comply with the OSHA Inspection process, OSHA Regulations, HR and more!!!


This exclusive offer includes the following:

  • A copy of our bestseller, “The OSHA Answer Book” - It covers all of OSHA's General Industry Regulations (1910) and puts them in an easy to understand format;
  • The "OSHA Inspection Answer Book" and "When OSHA Calls DVD" - Legal Tips from experts on the OSHA inspection process and how to negotiate fines; and
  • Your choice of ONE of our 50 states or District of Columbia HR Guides. Select your guide from the options listed.

The Safety Office Bundle

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