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The Electrical Safety Program requires employers who work on, near, or with potential electrical hazards to adopt an Electrical Safety Program. This program implements 29 CFR §1910.331 through §1910.335, the OSHA standard on electrical safety-related work practices.


It sets forth the safety-related work practices to be adopted   by your Company, in order to prevent electric shock or other injuries resulting from either direct or indirect electrical contacts, when work is performed near or on equipment or circuits which are or may be energized. It covers all of the OSHA standards requirements and how to put them into effect in your business.


This program comes in a PDF document format and can be easily edited to fit your company’s specific requirements.


Topics covered include:

  • Electrical work in general;
  • Work on or near exposed de-energized parts;
  • Work on or near exposed energized parts;
  • Lockout/Tagout equipment;
  • Use of portable electrical equipment;
  • Electric power and lighting circuits;
  • Test instruments and equipment;
  • Use of flammable or ignitable materials;
  • Personal protective safeguards; and
  • Employee training.

Electrical Safety Written Compliance Plan

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