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All cranes shall be operated and maintained in accordance with all OSHA regulations and as recommended by the manufacturer. This written program covers every aspect of the OSHA Standards in Cranes and Derricks Standard – 29 C.F.R. §1910.179 – §1910.184. This program implements these required regulations.


This program comes in a PDF document format and can be easily edited to fit your company’s specific requirements.


Topics covered include:

  • Equipment shall be operated by a qualified operator or trainee that is under the direct supervision of the qualified operator;
  • The operator, when operating the equipment, shall maintain full attention on the task being performed;
  • The operator shall ensure that hand signals used during the lift are understood and followed by all involved;
  • No load in excess of the rated capacity shall be lifted, unless for test purposes, and the test shall be a lift; and
  • Training – Employees required to operate overhead cranes shall be required to participate in and successfully complete the curriculum of a training program before assuming their responsibilities.

Crane and Derrick Written Compliance Plan

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